i took another step

in Operation Creative Block.  I won't go into detail because it's something I've never done and we all know how awkward I am when it comes to stepping outside my comfort zone.  Let's just say it's no big deal but in a way it seems like a big deal for somebody who doesn't really like to put herself out there.  Okay, fine.  I'll give a few hints.  It involves prints and a few things I've talked about recently.

I have no picture to share for the creative block but I do have a couple to share proving that cats really are jerks.  This is from Strat.

I attempted to move him out of the chair and he just about attacked me!  I was bleeding and now the two bites on my arms are bruised.  I told him not to cross me because I'd let the dogs in and close my eyes.  What a jerk.

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