i failed

yesterday.  I was exhausted and even though the roast was ready, the potatoes weren't and I just didn't have enough energy by dinnertime to make them.  We had Chili's.  (sigh...)  You have to admit though, in yesterday's post, I did talk a good talk.  Hopefully we'll have that roast tonight.

So everybody's still talking about Prince.  I'm still watching the videos and listening to the Prince tribute station on the radio, just like the rest of them.  There have been a lot of covers and performances in his memory but here's one I actually liked.  Let me set this up...

First, there's this guy.  Chris Stapleton.  I was doing a lot of talking a while back about liking his cover of this song.

Then there's this song that Prince wrote but this version was popular in the 90's.

Now here's Chris Stapleton's version of this song.

And you know what?  Nothing compares to making a quick trip to Chili's to pick something up... except using Waitr and having it delivered, which won't happen because Chili's isn't on their list of options.  So yeah, going to pick up Chili's was a lot better than making the sides to go with the roast.  I'm going to let yesterday's oops slide.  I deserve it.

On a totally unrelated note, I was worrying that my computer was close to seeing its last days.  It was dragging and just being the WORST.  I finally updated to El Capitan and it's like it got its second wind.  It's amazing what a little upkeep can do for things.

Now I'm going to find where I left my tea and work on getting my first wind to TCB on today's to-do list.

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