for about two

minutes this morning I was considering commenting on a political-ish fb post.  I decided today's not the day for a stroke from self-inflicted drama.  So I'm sitting here trying not to play it out in my head and calm down from the possible reactions to the would be post, while I'm guzzling my Diet Dr Pepper so I can hit the hard stuff... Coke.  That's why I don't like to get involved in stuff.  I get way too worked up.  Shocking, I know.
Yep, that's me.  100%.

And then there's the day I dream of, the day I've been waiting for, the day that's come SO CLOSE but just hasn't made it, the day I've pretended was here just hoping it would actually turn into that day...

 On a more pleasant note, I tried a new recipe yesterday.  It's a pound cake and goes really well with the strawberries and whipped cream I cut up and whipped earlier.

The whole less eating out thing has been going pretty well.  Well, don't ask Eric because he thought Sunday's "go find something to eat because I'm having a bowl of cereal" was unacceptable.  But guess what.  He found something to eat and I enjoyed my cereal.  Now I just have to stick with it.  I've had a few weak moments, picking up dinner a few times, but I've also talked myself through a few other weak moments and here I am today with a roast already in the crock pot.  But what am I going to have for lunch?  Maybe I should go pick something up...

Oh, I was so caught up in stuffing my face, I almost forgot to mention I did an actual post on the website.  It's HERE.

Now I'm off to go get find some lunch.

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