it was a busy weekend

full of visiting and dancing and it was a lot of fun.  A friend came to town from Austin and we hadn't been out dancing since 1992.  Anyway, a group of us headed to Houston and spent four hours on the dance floor.  My knee is still in recovery mode.  So we went dancing Friday night, had an early Mexican food lunch on Saturday morning and then hung out around the house on Saturday night, all trying to stay awake after only four hours of sleep.  We had high hopes but didn't last very long.  Let me put it this way, everyone who knows anything about me knows I'm an early bird.  Sunday morning Cosme finally told me, "Melanie, it's after 10:00.  Are you going to sleep all day?"  I didn't but I probably could have.  Oh, and when there wasn't dancing, visiting or napping going on, I was deep into an Outlander marathon.  Long story short, it was pretty much a perfect weekend.

I didn't get enough Mexican food on Saturday so Sunday we made carne guisada, rice and beans.  It was EXCELLENT.  I could use another plate right now but since we're having the leftovers for dinner tomorrow, I'll hold off.  On our quick trip to the store Sunday, I decided I needed fruit.  All the prepackaged fruit packs they sell in the produce department are loaded with melons.  Yuck.  I made my own with grapes, clementines, apples, strawberries and raspberries.  I only forgot pineapple.  And I probably should have sprinkled a little sugar on the raspberries before mixing them in.

I've been snacking on it ever since.

Speaking of healthier decisions, I decided to go for my walk this morning even though it's garbage day.  I hate taking walks on garbage day.  Some neighbors aren't very considerate and turn the sidewalks into trash paths.  See what I mean?

Now, me on the other hand, I'm a little more considerate.  When I put my can out, I put it where the red X is.  When I have bags, I put them where the blue X is. 

That just seems like the obvious and courteous thing to do.  That's just me though...

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