the local paper

had a poll in one of their sections last week.  They want to know everybody's favorites.

What's your favorite boutique?

What's your favorite place to get a margarita?

What's your favorite Mexican food?

What's your favorite salon?

What's your favorite place for an oil change?

Who's your favorite fire fighter?

Who's your favorite cop?

Who's your favorite chiropractor?

You get the idea, right?  It's all the basics.  And then there's this one.

I think it might be my favorite just because it's so, I don't know.  Odd?  It makes you stop and say "wait, what??".  Who really goes around and asks who someone's favorite funeral home is?  The sad thing is, I have an answer.  I haven't mailed it in and honestly, I probably won't.

Speaking of death, The Dead Files is a show we dvr on The Travel Channel.  It's a retired cop and a medium.  They go separately to a location.  She goes through the house and feels out all the ghosts and junk while he researches the history and talks with the homeowners.  It ends with everyone getting together and the medium letting everyone know what she saw, the cop tells everyone who that probably is and why and then the medium tells the homeowner how to get rid of the ghosts.  So, Saturday's episode was a house in Lake Jackson.  I found out the Jackson family who had the plantations there was one messed up family.  The father, Abner Jackson, was basically a shyster and his sons didn't sound much better, with one killing the other.  I also learned this house is a gateway to Hell and these people were advised to get out now and save their souls.  I'm really having my doubts about going back to Lake Jackson.  I know I'll have to sooner or later so... if I start acting weird and creepy, call an exorcist ASAP and let them know it's Lake Jackson's fault.  In the meantime, I'll load myself down with protection.

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