we had a lot

of fun on Halloween but I'll talk about that later.  For now, I have to talk about Maggie's favorite thing to do.  Chase dragonflies.

A dragonfly has been spotted.
(Archer's in the picture too.  He's the black dog in the shade.)  And how do you like my unburied wire fence?  I have my reasons for not wanting it buried.

Get it!

I really wish I would've gotten these with my camera instead of my phone.  Maybe next time... there WILL be a next time.  I think I enjoy watching as much as she enjoys trying to get them. 

Every once in a while Archer will help out but Maggie's a little more obsessed with it.  To honor her obsession, I made a meme for her.

We also will let the dogs sleep in their cage inside at night, to keep them from barking.  Here's a picture we got of them the other day.  If Archer doesn't look comfortable, I don't know what does.

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