last weekend

I went on a Capture Crawl (aka photo walk) with a Houston group I'm a member of.  This was my first actual outing with them and I had a fun time.  We went to a Day of the Dead Festival.  Basically, there's a group of people with cameras, walking around taking pictures of stuff.  A couple of days ago I joined the fb group for the people who go on the crawls.  So it's a place to talk and post pictures.  I haven't worked up the nerve to post anything yet.  Since I'm so scared, I thought I'd start small and "privately".  Here are a few I took.  (Some of these might eventually make it to the page and some more than likely won't.)

I'm not totally impressed with my images but it did get me pumped up about wanting to do more.  I'm really going to try and make it out to Brazos Bend this weekend or maybe somewhere else, I don't know.  In related news, I've ordered two packs of film for the old Polaroid.  I can't wait for them to get here.  On the downside, those packs are 8 pictures each and about $25 a pack so messing up would really suck.  On the upside, I know where to get film now and I have a lot of ideas.

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