today is

Thanksgiving and I was really worried about how it'd turn out.  Everything ended up fine but I was SERIOUSLY doubting it all.  You know that whole "if something can go wrong, it will"?  Here's the rundown of each dish... yes, EACH dish, in the order of their prep and the story behind it.

Broccoli and rice casserole.  I started this Tuesday night.  I had my broccoli in the microwave while my rice was cooking.  I noticed the broccoli was brown so I diagnosed it as freezer burn and threw it out (into the garbage that was picked up earlier that afternoon and won't be picked up again until Monday since today's a holiday).  I couldn't run to the store since the rice was cooking so I figured I'd go ahead and saute my onion, celery and mushrooms.  oops, I forgot mushrooms.  The rice finally finished.  Did I mention I cooked it wrong and it was a little tough in spots?  Oh well, the casserole still had to bake so I figured that'd do it.  I made it to the store for more broccoli and mushrooms.  The casserole finally finished, but the rice was still questionable.

Wednesday morning I started on the rest, after I ran my errands and helped count money at the church.

Sweet potato casserole.  Everything was fine with it until I realized I forgot half of the melted butter in the crumble top.  I scooped as much crumble as I could off and drizzled a little melted butter over what was left while finishing off the removed crumble with the forgotten butter.  It was taking a while to cook but when it was finally done, the edges looked a little overcooked while the crumble looked like less of a crumble and more of a... I don't know, moist crumble?  Whatever.  It was done and I wasn't going back to the store.

Corn casserole.  Total flop.  It went straight to the garbage.

I scrambled and found a recipe for a potato casserole made with hash browns.  I think it might have been my favorite.

Pecan pie.  I followed the recipe but wondered if maybe I should have added more pecans.  It wasn't the prettiest but I can't stay away from it.

Apple pie.  Easy enough.  It was frozen and all I had to do was bake and add the crumble topping.

Turkey.  Turned out pretty good, I guess.  I didn't eat any.  I just eat the ham.  But, I did get sidetracked when I put it in the oven because 1) I was operating on three hours of sleep and 2) I was excited about a Black Friday deal I was in the middle of getting and... I left the refrigerator door open and realized it three hours later.  But the turkey was fine and already in the oven, along with the plastic package of innards I left in last time.  WHY DON'T THEY PUT IT WHERE I CAN FIND IT???

Ham.  It was fine, except the part where the juices leaked out into the oven and started burning.

Green bean casserole.  I didn't have french style and had to use cut.  No biggie.

Gravy.  I just use a jar of Heinz.  I know I bought two jars of it a few weeks ago but they were nowhere to be found.  I had one can... that expired November of 2013.  I had to run to Walmart for gravy.  There wasn't any turkey gravy so I had to buy two things of chicken gravy.  I got home and realized I had a thing of chicken and a thing of beef.  They got combined and all the gravy eaters ate it.

Stuffing.  It was Stove Top and couldn't have been easier and none of the stuffing eaters complained.

Cranberry sauce.  It slid out of the can SO easily.

Rolls.  Straight from the freezer and done in 10 minutes.

Wine.  Went down pretty quickly after all of that.

I wasn't tired when I started typing this but reliving it all has hit me hard.  I think I might be ready for bed now.

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