last night as

I was sitting here on the computer, just looking around, I got the sudden urge to drive around and take a few pictures.  I probably would have gotten more had I not been alone but I just felt like going for a nighttime drive, getting some of the lights around small town Texas, USA.  As soon as I got in the car I realized my camera battery was low.  Oh well, I decided to drive until it died... or until I got tired.  (Guess what happened first.)

To mark my one year anniversary of no posts on the website's blog, I've shared a few pictures over there.  CLICK HERE TO SEE.

Here are a few more that aren't over there.

I don't really understand "H-Town".  We're in A-Town and the closest H-Town I think is technically a village, other than Houston being about 30-45 minutes away.  I mean A-Town is our county seat and the county jail is here too...

Ahh, memories... some really bad memories but at least it's in the past.

An A-Town church.

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