yesterday there was a

lady bug on my windshield.  I saw it when I got out to check the mail.  It was there two hours later too.  I need the luck.  The Mustang is having computer issues and not wanting to pass inspection.  Our last chance at an "easy" fix is happening right now.  If it doesn't work, costlier steps will be taken.  Come on, lady bug... do your thing.

Yesterday I bought meat and onions for sliders for dinner.  Guess what I forgot.  Buns.  I decided I'd just make hamburger steaks, I already had the meat and onions along with some mushrooms that needed to be used.  Everything was going.  The meat was staying warm in the oven while the onions/mushrooms were finishing off in one pan, rice was almost done in a pot and beans were keeping hot in another pot while I stood whisking away at gravy in the big pan.  Right about that time I wondered why I decided to get all that stuff going and not just keep it simple. 

Then I fixed my plate and sat down to eat.  That's why.  It was exactly what I wanted.  And let me tell you this.  Leftover rice is almost never good... unless you mix it with gravy.  Guess what lunch was.  Rice and gravy.  (FYI, there's a smile on my face.)

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