i haven't used my

camera in about a month.  I didn't use it for Christmas either.  Yeah, we had a photo booth at Christmas but we used Mom's camera.  The last few things I've used it for have been "work" related.  I use the word "work" loosely because seriously, it's still fun.  I haven't been out doing my own thing is what I'm getting at.  I've had prints and canvases coming in and seeing it all is making me wish this rain and cold weather would simmer down.

Speaking of canvases, all this canvas stuff had me wanting my own.  Here's two from our last trip to New Orleans.
They're not level or in a permanent position, I just wanted to get an idea.  I took down all the plates.  I think I'm still trying to get used to the plates that aren't there anymore and trying to figure out if these need to be lowered/raised and all that mess.

So, back to doing my own thing.  Being stuck indoors for now, I will NOT resort to the cats.  I WILL not resort to the cats.  I will not resort to the cats?  I guess it depends how desperate I get.  [Insert sigh with a look of defeat here.]

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