it was so hard but

I kept a secret for several months at Christmas.  Eric was the only one that was in on my secret because I had to have one person to talk about it with.  The problem was every time I thought about it, I started laughing.  I ordered Prank Packs for everyone except Eric.  It's gag gift boxes and I thought they'd be perfect for Christmas.  I had to figure something out though.  I knew they all had to be opened at the same time because if one person opened theirs first, the others would be suspicious.  I wrapped them all in the same paper, put who they were to but from was all marked "*".  I explained to everyone that Eric and I had found a store online and picked out gifts for each person.  I don't know what was crazier, the thought of these actual gadgets or the pictures on the boxes.  Since Christmas, they've added more boxes.

I really think I need to order this one.  It'd be perfect for a baby shower.

Extreme Chores is like a Wii or something.  I love it too.  Washing dishes?  Doing the litter box?
Pet Sweep.  I love the pictures on the back.  Dustpan on the cat?  Pet Plow?
Click on the link and check out the boxes for a quick laugh.  Like I said, the pictures on the boxes are just as good as the actual prank.

On another note.  Remember my post from January 7 where I posted pics from my old day care turned convenience store?  It was on the news yesterday.  The schools across the street were on lock down after the store was robbed and the armed thief fled into the apartments next door.  Yeah, I know that's an "uhh... okay..." moment but I just figured I'd share since I already talked about the area.

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