sorry about

that.  Let's catch up and finish March.
Next came toy

Then came "where you relax".

Okay, let's start with April... first up was "your reflection".  Here I am, reflected off the car radio.

Yesterday was color.

Today is mail.

I know I've been MIA for a few days.  I'm blaming it on  That stuff sucks me in and I can't stop.  I've recorded my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother's side back to the 1700's.  I started there because that seems to be the part of the family I know the least about.  I almost started again this morning but I decided to wait.  Once I start I just keep going and before I know it, I've killed a lot of time.  What keeps me going?  My best guess is sugar.  We stopped at Moeller's Bakery on Saturday and bought a few things.  A couple of which were Easter petit fours.  How could I pass them up?
They were moist and sweet and delicious.  Speaking of which...

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