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today is "someone who makes you happy".  Here we have a picture of Cosme and Eric.  Because neither one of them like to have their pictures made, this is all I could get.

Last Friday I saw a clip from ESPN and the desk was in the middle of the French Quarter.  I told Cosme I wanted to go to New Orleans and we decided we would go, leaving within the hour.  Just as fast as we decided we would go, we decided we wouldn't go.  I spent the rest of the evening having a pity party.  Last week Cosme told me he might have to go to California for a day or two in the next week or so.  He found out yesterday that day is today.  We'd planned on me going and turning it into a long weekend.  That's not happening.  He's leaving after work today for a meeting tomorrow and flying home tomorrow.  Again with the pity party...  I figure it's no big deal even though I love California and it's one of my favorite places.  I decided to have some yogurt (which I usually eat out of a coffee mug for some reason).  I grabbed a mug...

As if this wound needed more salt.

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