i apologize for

my absence but I've been preoccupied.  I have a feeling it'll stay pretty busy until graduation night which is one month from today.  Right now I'm feeling a little under the weather so while I'm sitting here sipping on hot tea, I thought I could at least pop in with a few words.

I did get on the other day and noticed the background decided to get all wacky on me... so I changed it.

I've also been getting on Ancestry.com trying to create a family tree.  It's pretty cool but then I've always been interested in that stuff.  I have so many pictures I want to scan but realize they can't all go on a family tree.  I asked on FB about good sites for picture storage and most people suggested flickr.  I already have a flickr account but it's just been ignored for a few years.  I have a feeling I'll just stick with that since it's already set up.  I don't know.  I haven't been doing too well with the photo challenge.  Again, I've been preoccupied.  Now I need to finish my tea so I can go take pics for Madeline's.

I'll leave you with this.

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