let me talk about

last Friday.  I went to bed Thursday remembering that I was supposed to make baked goods for a lock-in the church was having.  I had stuff for rice krispie treats so I decided that's what I'd make.  I found a new recipe on Pinterest for treats a little gooier than some of the treats that are too dry and not as tasty.  Anyway, I made a batch at 6:00 Friday morning.  It was a flop.  Sure, they tasted REALLY good but they were sticking to the foil.  Anyway, I washed my pot and headed to Walmart for more ingredients.  I came home and started on the next batch and realized the first batch only had half the cereal that it should.  (It's amazing how much better things work out when you grab the correct measuring cup.)  Anyway, the second, third and half batch after that turned out fine.  (I sampled to make sure.)  I was done and dropped them all off at the church, leaving the first batch for us to peel foil from and snack on.

Yummy, gooey goodness.
I was also able to make my appointment at the car dealer for my first scheduled maintenance visit.  No biggie, just a routine oil change, tire rotation, fluids check, wash and all that sort of stuff.  My appointment was at 12:00 and I'd told them I'd wait (when I scheduled the appointment AND when I checked in).  I was given a tour and taken to the waiting area and told they'd be there as soon as they finished, probably in about an hour.  TWO hours later, I was getting restless.  I was looking around on my phone and luckily, I decided to check my email.  Sterling McCall sent an email 30 minutes earlier letting me know my vehicle was ready to be picked up!  WTF?!?!  Nobody bothered to come tell me.  I went up to the front desk and she let me know they were bringing it around so I stood and waited.  I saw one car and thought it was mine but then doubted it.  Let's face it, most of the cars looked alike.  One silver SUV was pulled around and I almost walked out... until I noticed the handicapped placard hanging from the rear view mirror.  I then realized the first car I saw, that had been sitting there all along for who knows how long, had my neighborhood sticker on the windshield.  Again, WTF?!?!  I told the valet and he told me I'd need to get my keys from the desk... you know, the girl who just said they were going to bring my car around.  OMG.  Anyway, I finally got to leave and pulled out onto the 59/69 whatever feder in front of an oncoming car and got honked at.  I was thirst and hungry and had a vicious headache.  I made it to Five Guys in Pearland and ordered.  I was filling up my Coke while lunch was cooked.  By the time I got the lid on my drink, it had fizzled down to only being half full.  I went back to the machine and pushed for more Coke, not realizing the lid had slid back over, causing Coke to spray everywhere.  I finally got my food and dealt with the slow traffic and got home.  My headache went away but I snacked on more rice krispie treats that evening and went to bed after having ginger ale and crackers for dinner.

That was my Friday.  On the plus side, the rice krispie treats were wonderful... until I overdosed.

I'm not even going to read over this.  Thinking about it is giving me another headache.  I'm sorry for any out of place words or punctuation that might have happened in the typing of this post and reliving of Friday.

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