now and Friday morning, I need to find a remedy for some knee pain I'm having while and because of running.  Back in the basketball days I had tendinitis so it's not like knee pain is anything new that I can blame on being 43 and out of shape... but yeah, there's that too.  (Tendinitis looks wrong but Blogger is telling me tendonitis is wrong.  Whichever it is, I had it.)  My next step is to look for a couple of knee braces and maybe some cushiony insoles and another bottle of ibuprofen.

Speaking of running, yesterday I did my week 2, day 2 of c25k.  I tried another day today but stopped and just walked it because of my knees.  Anyway, after yesterday's go at it, I came home and iced my knees and took some ibuprofen.

If I can't find a remedy for the knee pain, I might have to bow out of c25k and stick to walking.  It's not that I'd be totally bummed because let's face it, c25k pretty much sucks.  But, I'll say it here because I know Cosme won't read it... you know how people always say, "Oh, it's hard but you'll feel better after you do it"?  Well, it's a little true.  So even though the process of c25k sucks, it does feel a little nice when I finish.  (And not just because I reward myself with a large tea from Sonic.)

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