yesterday i was

expecting a delivery from UPS.  They needed a signature so when I wasn't sitting in a chair facing the front door, I was pacing.  I was expecting a lens, a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 to be exact.  My plans were made.  I would get the lens and head out to the wildlife refuge way before sunset.  When the lens didn't come until 8:30, the evening at the wildlife refuge was out of the question.... but I did get Strat.

This morning I went out to the beach and got pictures of the sun hitting the water with a little boat off to the side, in true Melanie fashion.

I got a barge about to enter the waterway to the port, I guess.

Then I left and headed to the wildlife refuge.  (Keep in mind I'm not trying to win any awards with these, I'm simply trying out the lens.)

I put my window down to get this reflection off the first puddle of water I came to.

That was a mistake.  Suddenly I was in the car with 37 mosquitos and a large fly. Fortunately for me, I had already covered myself with Off.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't put the windows down again.

I got out of the car so I could get the eyes of this alligator.

And that was it, until I was leaving.  Up by the first puddle of water was a pack of boars.  A pack?  A herd?  A gang?  Whatever.  They took off to hide in the grass.

Then I remembered why I wasn't feeling 100%.  I made bacon earlier and was so anxious to get out that I didn't take the time to eat.  So I headed back home for my bacon.  Maybe I can get out again tomorrow.

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