the photo bug always

seems to bite at the worst times.  I'd love to get out and go for a drive this morning but there are so many things stopping me.  Let's see, oh yeah, first thing is my car is in the shop.  They picked it up yesterday and hopefully they'll call me today with wonderful, inexpensive news.  So my car's in the shop and oh yeah, there are a ton of other things going on.  (hanging my head and sighing )  Coke, anyone?  I think I need another round.

For several years I've thought about going on a photowalk.  It's a worldwide thing.  (No, the actual walk is not worldwide but walks are happening in towns everywhere on the same day.)  I finally said screw it and get this... I signed up for two separate walks on back-to-back weekends.  So there.  I did it.

In the meantime, while I'm wearing myself out on all the other stuff going on, I'll wish I was one of these two.

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