and in the middle

of it all, the dryer went out.  I got online to search for a new one and found exactly what I need.  A dryer.  It dries.  We bought our current dryer almost 20 years ago.  I know that's not terribly old in dryer years but it's had a few minor repairs along the way.  After the last repair, we decided that one more repair could've totaled the cost of a new dryer.  So here it is, the day I get a new dryer.

My old dryer is basic.  You pretty much get to decide how long you want the dryer set and whether or not you want to turn it on.  I know there are a lot of cool ones now but I'm pretty practical and I went into this knowing I've done fine with a basic dryer.  So when I started my online search, I found the one.  The price was good, the size was good and it dries clothes.  So we went down to Sears to check it in person and all that flew out the window.  There it was.  The new, modern dryer, sitting there in all its digital glory.  Not only was it the brand I wanted and the size I wanted, it was half off.  HALF.  It was marked to $599.  Anyone who knows me, knows that all of a sudden, that bargain was a contender.  It's so hard for me to pass on a deal.  One catch, no delivery on that one.  We left Sears with a solution.  If we could find a way to get it home, I'd get the fancy one.  Well, I didn't find a way so I went back into Sears Monday morning to get my basic dryer.  I walked by the fancy one and the $599 had been changed to $529.

(Insert Charlie Brown AAUGH! here.)

You know I'm dying inside at this point. I thought of one more option to getting it home but guess what.  It was pouring outside.  (Anyone who knows me, also knows I look for signs.)  The rain was my sign.  Besides, I started reminding myself of the reasons I wanted the basic dryer to begin with.

So, here I am at home waiting on my new plain-Jane dryer to be delivered.  It's crazy how anxious I am to do laundry.

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