so i'm still not

giving a play-by-play of the work on the house.  That's one of those stories where it wears me out just thinking about where to start.  It will happen one day, I'm pretty sure.  For now though, let's talk about some weather we had yesterday.

Cosme stayed a little late at work because he had originally planned on a flying lesson at 7.  Well the email finally came that there was bad weather so it was cancelled.  He waited a little longer, hoping to miss traffic.  Although he got caught in a little on I-10, it was 288 where the biggest problem was.  Rain.  Serious rain.  He said everyone was driving with their hazards on and the people that weren't pulled over were barely moving.  He couldn't believe it wasn't raining here.  He was telling me how bad it looked and finally asked me to look up for any warnings.  There were a few and for the area he was driving through.  I went out to take a few panoramic pics of the clouds coming.  They were grainy and bad but I wanted to get the full effect of those crazy lines of clouds.

After getting the full effect with that view, it only took a few seconds for me to realize I wanted the camera for this.

And after a few of those, I ran to the garage for the tripod because I needed that shutter speed opened more.  There was a lot of lightening in that storm and I was determined to catch some.  This is what I got.  It's not the best or most visible, but I got some.

I thought it was pretty cool too how I couldn't really tell what was going on because it was so dark but when lightening would flash in different areas and light up the sky, I could see where the rain was pouring down.

And after all the lightening passed, cars started shooting laser beams down the street.  Kidding.  It all goes back to the slow shutter speed... I hope.

And of all that nastiness, we got a few sprinkles and some wind.  Good news, bad news I guess.

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