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is yellow.  I was a little indecisive so I have two pics, one on Instagram and one on FB.  The only reason the one was left on FB is because there was already activity before I could delete it.  Oh well...



I could've waited a few hours and added another one instead.  I tried a new recipe that I found on Pinterest.  White "Texas" Sheet Cake.  I use Texas loosely because I am a native Texan, still living in the Lone Star State and I have never heard of a white sheet cake.  In my 39 years, a sheet cake has always been chocolate.  When you hear of a Texas Sheet Cake, that's chocolate.  Since white cake is my favorite (especially white cake with almond flavoring) I decided to make it.  The cake is good but I think the frosting needs a few kinks worked out.  A Texas Sheet Cake calls for the frosting to be spread over a hot cake.  This version had to cool for 20 minutes.  I don't know.  Maybe this is more like a Florida sheet cake or a Wyoming sheet cake (if that even exists)...  Could it be that Texas is the only state with claim to a sheet cake?  Either way, I'll definitely make it again but will make a few adjustments to the frosting.  Oh, and I almost forgot why I mentioned this White Texas Sheet Cake.  Yellow.  It's not even white, but yellowish.

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