i haven't been

doing the photo challenge.  There's this nasty bug I caught and apparently it lasts about three weeks.  It's really just a cold or something.  I thought it was allergies but then I had to take Mucinex for all the coughing and then came the ibuprofen for the aches.  All I wanted to do was sleep and yesterday was the first in a few weeks where I actually had a little burst of energy.  On the plus side, I've had almost no appetite during it all, including no desire for Coke.  I tried to take advantage of the lack of taste to drink more water.  I was feeling quite a bit better on Friday but then we went out and that knocked me down pretty hard.  I won't get into that but all I will say I have no desire to go out for a while.

Here's one thing I've been up to.
Pictures.  Between style shows for Madeline's and senior pictures, my camera's been busy.  If you want to see more senior pictures, go to Lens Captured and check them out.  There's not anymore of Eric but hey, I was doing good to get one.  But go look at the others.  The girls were more willing.  They're in the PORTRAITS section.  There's only a few but you can get the idea.

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