oh please

Don't, for one second, think I'm taking sides with the government because that's not the case. I'm simply stating my opinion against those who think the government isn't doing their post-Ike job. There are people who think the government owes them after the storm. A text went around telling a group of people (I don't know why none of my friends got this message) to be at the George R Brown at 5:00 this morning to receive $500. They were irrate when this was proven to be false and began to rant on tv how they're not being treated right. Okay. If someone really needs the money, then they shouldn't be in line for a handout at 5:00, they should be home getting ready for work. Forget the government, they need a job of their own. Besides, there's no handout from the government. They can thank working Americans for that handout. I wish someone would slap them with reality. Let's see how they like it when or if they get a paycheck (yeah, I know it's not likely...but let's use our imaginations) and the government deducts from their earnings so someone else can have a handout.

No, I don't work. Not like it's anyone's business, but I worked for quite a while. Now that I have the opportunity to stay home, I do. I also know that I would be on a job hunt before I EXPECT a handout.

I guess they are pretty smart though. If all it takes is to do nothing and then start jumping around and throwing a fit when they want something, why not. I'll keep that in mind.

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