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We left Rhode Island and drove on over to Massachusetts. It was pretty early when we got into Boston so we kept driving and went to Salem. As neat as the city was, I only got one picture.
It was so neat. I loved all the old buildings and stories. We stopped for lunch. It wasn't so great. We started with corn chowder. I don't know about you but I'm not big on greasy soup with Veg-All. The dessert was horrible. I had high hopes of the cannoli being wonderful. I broke it up on my plate so it would look like I had eaten a lot of it...just to be nice. We finally got to our hotel in Medford. We went for dinner down the road from the hotel. The girl at the front desk gave us a list of popular nearby restaurants, pointing out the favorite. Yuck. Oh well, we got back to the hotel and settled in. The next morning we took the train into North Station. We started our day walking through the North End with a quick stop for espresso and biscotti. Let me just say YUM. After a quick bite, we walked the streets. Here are some pictures.
Want to see more? Okay.I guess it really is one of those things that has to be seen to really enjoy it. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We stopped to tour Paul Revere's house. I loved all the buildings. I loved the cobblestone streets. I loved the food. For the record, from New York to Boston, those were some of the nicest people. That means a lot coming from a southern girl.
After our walking and stopping for some really great Italian food for lunch, we headed for Faneuil Hall. I did some shopping, we stopped for a drink at Cheers then bought tickets for a trolley tour and harbor cruise. (We tried to get tickets for the duck tours but they were sold out.) We took the cruise at the perfect time. It started to pour in the middle of it. Here are some pictures.
See the rain coming? The boat makes a stop for anyone wanting to tour this ship. We didn't get off because of the rain. In the background you can see the Bunker Hill monument.
When we got back to land, we hopped on the trolley for a really cool tour. There were a couple of stops I'd liked to have gotten off and seen but we were right in the middle of 5:00 traffic and I didn't want to get in a stressful know, like being stranded with no ride back to the beginning. Anyway, after the trolley ride we walked over to the Union Oyster House. It was really good, I loved the cornbread. Also, we sat across the aisle from JFK's designated booth. That was kind of neat. After dinner we took the train back to Medford. Call me a wimp or maybe I've seen The Departed one too many times but I wanted to be in before dark. It doesn't matter though. We thought Boston was great, especially the North End.

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