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local news...Save the drama for your mama.* There's a voluntary evacuation for the county that started at 6:00 this morning. I'm so happy the local news reported that to me. I appreciate that...but they still get on my nerves. Why is their cone of whatever always worse than TWC? It's funny how everything for their viewing area is always in the worse situation. Yes, I understand we will get rain regardless but enough of the drama. I'm so sick of it. Anything for ratings. I guess that's how it works. For an unbiased weather report I guess I'll stick to the Weather Channel.

Oh, thanks to the local newspaper I also know there is a prisoner on the loose. See that? Local news is so wrapped up in building up the storm, they're failing to mention other things.

*NOTE: While I'm on my soapbox, I'd also like to direct this message to all the drama queens out there. (Even though they more than likely don't realize who they are.) I don't understand why they think the world revolves around them. Guess what. I HAVE MY OWN LITTLE WORLD GOING ON RIGHT HERE, as does everyone else. (Chances are, as much as I like to worry, I'm probably not sitting here dwelling on your problems.) They need to get over themselves. Yes, I hate that anyone may have problems or less than perfect situations but the rest of the world is not rotating around that. They honestly need to get over themselves.

Yes, I'm done.

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