the next morning

we drove out of New Haven and headed along the coast to Mystic. Before getting to Mystic we stopped at a beach. These people are nuts. It was 68 degrees out and a van full of kids showed up in bathing suits.Once in Mystic, we parked and walked along Main Street to visit all the neat shops they have. During all of this, we had to stop for lunch at, of course, Mystic Pizza. Cosme hadn't heard of the movie until we went. That pizza was good.
After lunch, a little more shopping was necessary. We then drove to Stonington Vineyard for some wine tasting.

Next was Foxwood. What could make a great vacation even better? Generous slots. I already decided I was only going to spend $100. So, $100 and 10 minutes later, we cashed out with a little over $300. We left the casino and started towards Rhode Island.

Let me first say how much I love Priceline. I'm totally addicted. I want to get hotel rooms just to see how cheap I can get them for. So, I got this room at the Renaissance Hotel in Providence for $59. I had to get a couple of pictures so everyone could see what a good deal I got.

We knew which restaurant we were going to that night. I also knew what appetizer I wanted to try. I asked the front desk about the walking distance to the restaurant and she mentioned a coupon. She wasn't sure if she had any but she'd check. Guess what. She found one. Also, it was for the appetizer I wanted.
Once again, we got to bed early. Not only were we heading out the next morning for Boston but we were also still recovering from New York.

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