i said i'd be busy

and I wasn't joking either.  Here are a few things that have been going on:

- Cosme left yesterday for Vicksburg.  I wanted to go and do some sightseeing but I think we might go back another time, just the two of us and not with his coworkers and preferably not on a commercial flight.  Did I just admit that?  Crazy, I know.  I think I get less anxious when he flies instead of going on a commercial flight.  There's something about the process of getting to the airport, going through security and doing it all on someone else's schedule that really adds to my stressing out.  It's so much more laid back when you don't have to worry about what's packed where and keeping up with your one carry-on and/or one checked in bag and trying to get to the airport by this time and fighting for a spot for that carry-on.

- The dogs left another possum in the yard for me this morning.  It was a tiny one so I thought I'd handle it on my own instead of bothering Eric.  Didn't happen.  I went to throw it and it just slammed into the fence and bounced back into the yard.  The good news is it's close enough to the wire to keep them away until Eric wakes up... hopefully.  Also, it's cool outside.  TMI, I know.  Or, maybe with it being out of the dogs' reach, a bird will have easier access to it and take it away sooner.  It's been known to happen.

- I have a list of names I need to write in the Parish Book of the Dead for the church.  Since Saturday is the 31st, I need to work on getting that done.

- I need to remember to take our old Uverse stuff to UPS.  Now that the Cowboys had us switch to Direct TV, I don't need any of that anymore... and don't want to be charged for the boxes.

- I have a hair appointment tomorrow.  It's the first haircut I've had in several months and I still haven't colored it since February.  I just can't decide what I want to do.  I was going to get a pedicure today but think I might wait until tomorrow and maybe try to get a bunch of name writing done today.

- I got annoyed with the contractor who did our roof and fence yesterday and hung up on him.  Cosme is right, I have no in between.  I am super sweet or raging mad.  And usually, there's no warning.  I take it and I take it and then I flip.  I've mentioned it before but I've been asked by recipients of the flipped me to please say something sooner if something's getting to me next time.  In most cases, there won't be a next time.  They have either 1) learned not to make it go there or 2) burned that bridge and I don't have anything else to do with them.  In the case of the contractor, it's the latter and I let him know.  It's not that I'm against second chances but I already gave a second chance... and third, fourth, fifth...

- I've been buying this lately.

I can't drink a lot at once, maybe because it's thicker like a smoothie and less like a juice.  I'm not the biggest fan of smoothies.  First of all, it seems like every smoothie I've had has been overloaded with bananas and that doesn't work for me.  Second, meh...  But anyway, this stuff is good.  It's fruity berry goodness.  Try it.  If you don't like it, just send the rest my way.

Now I guess I'll find my calligraphy guidelines and tackle the name writing.  Maybe I'll have one thing to scratch off the list today.

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