i'd like to take

a moment and share the bougainvillea.  I say the bougainvillea because of the four I planted a few years ago, this is my best and favorite.  One died.  One is doing okay and another is doing a little better than okay but this one... sigh.  I like not only that it's taking over but I love the color.  It's dark but bright but muted. 

I think I'll call this color Melanie Red or Melanie Pink.  Or maybe just Melanie.
Pretty soon I'll have a section of fence that will remind me of California.  I'll probably put a chair in front of it to sit and stare and pretend I'm on vacation.  I'll take a glass of wine out there with me so I can get the full effect.  Oh, that and put the dogs in their cage.  Or maybe just sit so close that I'm within their invisible fence zone.

You should see my grass.  The grass isn't terrible but those weeds that grow and stick up about 2 feet are horrible.  Just horrible.  I called Antonio last week and he said his guys would be here Wednesday or Thursday.  Didn't happen.  I called him yesterday to make sure I was still on the list and told him nobody came last week.  He sounded a little surprised and said he'd be here this morning.  Thank goodness.  The yard is embarrassing.  And then it started raining this morning.  #defeated  Luckily the rain has quit but now if some sun will break through, I'll try to have hope once again.  Maybe if I stare at the bougainvillea long enough I'll forget about the weeds.  #Don'tCountOnIt

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