my last post was

over a month ago.  A MONTH.  That month was exhausting, mentally and physically.  (Okay, maybe that sounds a little dramatic but seriously, it can be really draining when you think about all the planning and executing.)  November had a wedding, a reception, Thanksgiving, car stuff, animal stuff, allergy stuff and more.  The day after Thanksgiving was the day I'd been looking forward to.  I stayed in bed the whole day.  It was wonderful.

I'm posting a picture to represent November.  Look at me, getting all deep and heavy with artsy symbolism and stuff.

This was the sunset my first night in Vegas.  It was before everybody else got there so I gambled a little, ate a little and headed up to the room for pictures, tv and rest.  So now think of the sun going down as this last day of November.  Take it all in.  Heavy, I know.

Speaking of heavy, I need to go pick up dinner.

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