we've talked about

getting a pool for a few years now.  We got the above ground and have been trying it out to see if an in ground pool is what we really want.  Guess what.  We're having second thoughts.  Now we're thinking the above ground pool is for us.  The more we think about how easily it would be to get rid of the above ground if this pool phase ever wears off, really has us thinking.  Sure we'd love to sink it into the ground 2-3 feet and make a less awkward entry and exit but so far we're really enjoying it and the thought of a permanent pool taking up our backyard scares us a little.  Anyway, that's where we are with that.

As for everything else going on around here, it's a busy week with the animals.  Archer just went for his last set of puppy shots on Friday, Maggie goes her her yearly shots on Thursday and the cats are going to get groomed tomorrow.

Yesterday I tried a new recipe.  I have blueberries that need to be used and I didn't feel like making muffins (but I probably will today) but I came across another recipe.  It was blueberry oatmeal with a crumble topping.  First off, I'm picky about my oatmeal.  I don't like a bunch of extras, not even milk.  I like cinnamon and sugar, the end.  I actually prefer instant.  So I made this oatmeal yesterday and really liked it.  First the oatmeal is made and divided up into ramekins and then each ramekin is topped with the crumble topping.  These are baked for 10-15 minutes and then you have a bowl of goodness that tastes like a blueberry muffin.  These are fresh out of the oven.

Cosme and I each had one last night, he took one to work today and I'm tempted to eat one right now... but I'm not sure how well the whole reheating thing will go over.  I'm thinking the oven might be necessary.  I'm also trying out another recipe for a skillet focaccia.  I can't wait to see how that turns out but I might need to go through Eric's stuff to see if he has a larger skillet.  Last week I made this skillet cookie and my skillet was a little smaller than called for so I just lowered the temp and left it in the oven a little longer.  I don't think I want to play around with bread like that though.  Oh, here's the cookie I made... that disappeared almost as fast.

And just like that I walked away from the computer and got sidetracked with laundry, garbage and other stuff.  So a few hours later... I guess I'll just post this now.

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