so let's see...

Rosalinda came on Thursday.  On Thursdays I go to the church from 2-3.  When Rosalinda told me she would be here at 8:00, I asked her how long it would take.  She said 8:00.  I figured she didn't understand what I was asking and just let it be.  I calculated it all and figured if she got here at 8:00, she'd probably be finished by 12:00 or 12:30.  She got here a little after 8:00 and started at the bar.  When she was still at the bar at 9:30, I decided to email the church and let them know I was stuck at the house.  This whole time, as much as I wanted to plop on the couch, I did laundry.  On about my fourth load, I came from my bedroom through the kitchen and smelled the oven cleaner.  Not my favorite scent but at least it was getting done.  A little later I walked through to see everything out of the refrigerator, on the island and Rosalinda scrubbing in the fridge.  Fast forward to 7:30, everything was done and she's DEFINITELY coming back.  I offered her Cokes every once in a while but she was busy and never even stopped for a lunch break.  Next time I think I'll pick a day other than Thursday.

Yesterday I tried making lobster for the first time.  Cosme and Eric liked it.  I had a bite but I'm not a fan of lobster.  Shrimp is my seafood limit.
Surf and Turf with baked potatoes and roasted asparagus with mushrooms
Like I was saying, they liked it.  I grilled it with some siracha butter I mixed up.  Eric had his plain and Cosme had his with lemon and chives.

Today I'm making shrimp and grits.  Would there be a better way to follow that than with bread pudding?  Did you say "no"?  Then I agree.  So I have my fresh French bread torn up and now I'm ready to make and eat dinner.  This is going to be a long day...

FYI, I've been doing this blog for 7 years and I just realized I could add captions under my pictures.  LET THE CAPTIONING BEGIN!

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