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May 8 and I've decided to do a blog post.  It's not because I feel like sitting here.  Nope, I'd rather be in the bed or actually, on the floor right now.  My lower back is killing me.  I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he did x-rays.  I go back this morning to see them and talk to him.  My back's been bothering me for a while but it's gradually gotten worse, with yesterday being the worst so far, leaving me desperate enough to call a chiropractor.  So this morning I'll find out if he can help.  Cosme has me fearing he'll end up popping my back... which I am TOTALLY AGAINST.  You know, there might be nothing to it but when it's drilled in your head not to pop your knuckles, the last thing I want done is having my freaking back popped.  It's a disgusting sound and I plan on telling him from the beginning that I don't want that done, intentionally.  It's like when I get a manicure.  If it happens naturally that's fine but don't intentionally pull my fingers for the knuckles to pop.  I will tense up and not let that mess happen.  Comprende?  Good.  I probably should've just gone to an orthopedic doctor, I don't know.  I do know this, chiropractors seem like a more natural way and the last thing I want is for some doctor telling me I need to start taking meds for this, leading to meds for that... we all know how it goes.  (For the record, I'm far from being some groovy, all-natural type person but if there's a way I can not have to buy meds so I can forget to take a pill each morning, I'm all for it.)  So, my appointment's at 8:30.  That should give me just enough time to take a shower and search videos on chiropractor visits without back popping.

Oh, and you know how I go to the church every Thursday from 2-3?  Well, I know I've talked about the pretty light that comes through and hits a certain chair and I've even taken a phone pic but a few weeks ago I actually had my camera and got a picture of it.  I now present you with... (drum roll)...  the prettiest light hitting a chair creating equally pretty shadows and reflections.

Now that I've gotten your attention that way, let this inspire you to go pray for me and my back!

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