so the new

puppy is back with Maggie.  Speaking of the new puppy, yesterday I had to take Archer to the vet for his next set of puppy shots.  Well, back up.  Yesterday at 7:15 the doorbell rang.  I had a hunch so I jumped out of my pj pants and into a pair of jeans and sure enough, there was one of the neighbors, holding Archer.  He got out.  Eric and I fixed where he got out and I called the vet.  They asked if 11:00 would be good and I said sure.  So, I got some of my stuff done and then realized I couldn't take him anywhere because his collar and leash had been thrown away.  So at 10:15 I hurried off to Walmart for the two.  I got there and was held up by slow person after slow person after slow person.  I'm not exaggerating.  By the time I got to the last slow person that was holding me up, I couldn't help but bust out laughing.  It was pretty ridiculous.  I don't mean these people were just piddling in my way, I mean they were S.L.O.W.  For example, the last lady was crossing my path out of the parking lot but she could barely walk and had assistance from a nurse who she was holding onto.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't laughing at the people and their inability to walk or function, I was laughing because I got caught behind everyone when I had an appointment in 20 minutes. 

I finally made it home with just enough time to get the dog and head to the vet.  Next problem.  I couldn't find the dog.  I called out in the backyard several times and only Maggie came running.  I whistled and went back there to see where he might have gone.  I went to the neighbor's house to see if they'd seen him and drove down the next street to see if he was there.  Nothing.  I called the vet to let them know I couldn't find him and wouldn't be there in 2 minutes.  I went home to get Eric, who I had already told to hurry and get dressed since we need to find the dog.  I ran back in the front door and Eric said Archer was out back.  He'd been sleeping in the cabinet.

We made it to the vet and he's doing great.  He's gained about 5 pounds since the vet had him. 

Oh yeah, that other neighbor I checked with when I was trying to find him at 11:00, well she came knocking on the door around 6:00 yesterday, holding a little black lab mix.  Now he just needs to grow so that he can't squeeze through holes to get out.

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