if you try this

you'll never go back.  Okay, you'll probably go back but these are good too.
I've never been a fan of coconut.  Actually, I've always hated coconut.  
A few years ago I tried a coconut pie from Sam's Restaurant in Fairfield.  It was good.  At that point I could handle a little coconut flavoring...and I do mean LITTLE.  Over the years I think it's grown on me, kind of like broccoli.  Don't get me wrong, coconut is nowhere near being my favorite but I tried one of these during my last hair appointment.  Oh my goodness.  They were SO good.  Now I'm trying to find these things.  Look at this next picture.
It's like a miniature coconut pie.  They're so good.  Do yourself a favor and try it if you come across one...and then have one for me too.

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