tattoo you

was the weekend's theme. I could have worked around posting it this way and I know this is backwards, but that's the way posts post, the way the cookie crumbles, the way it is. So, scroll down a few posts to start at the beginning. Ready? Okay.

So Cosme and I drove back to Shaw's the next morning for his tattoo. He has been wanting this tattoo to cover up a homemade tattoo he got when he was 17. He was very patient and sat in the chair and endured the pain for two hours.

It was funny because he'd been sitting for so long. The guy started cleaning his arm up and told Cosme, "Okay, the outline's done". He made a few adjustments. The original had lots of red and blue in it but Cosme didn't want color. So, here's the final product. You can barely see the old stuff.


Kathy said...

Is Cosme crying?

melanie said...

No. Even though he said it felt like a razor blade digging into his skin, no, he didn't cry.