so we didn't

make it to Austin. Instead we went for dinner at the Strip House. After dinner we ended up at Shaw's for tattoos. We had about an hour wait. Mindy and Cosme had their tattoos picked out so we sat and patiently waited...and played around with the camera. (Hellooo, you know I brought the camera!) Well, Mindy was first. They called Cosme next but he didn't have his drivers license. He was so mad. Well, Mindy almost chickened out because she thought she would pass out. She said she really wanted to do it but she didn't want to pass out. I told her it was her turn and if she really wanted it, then just do it. She sent me next door to get some apple juice, just in case.
Well, everything was fine. Mindy didn't pass out and now she has a cute little anchor on her butt...joke. She has a little butterfly. It's very girlie. See for yourself...
So, Cosme didn't get his but we did manage to get a few pictures before the night ended. (Which was right after Mindy got her tattoo.) By then, everyone was so tired. I know Cosme and I both fell asleep on the way home. That was nice! Usually, I'm the one driving home.

Oh well, I've tried to add a couple of pics we took while waiting but something's not working. Speaking of butts... I guess I'll try again later.

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