haunted house

With only a black light to shine on what lurked ahead, they entered the hallway to be frightened by a creaking door and floating ghost. Next was the entrance to the trail of screams so many chose to take. I was seated at the entrance to warn them of the danger that lurked ahead.

As they worked their way through the maze, they came across an old pumpkin patch with what appeared to be a worn out scarecrow. Little did they know, this scarecrow was full of life. There were many screams and a few cries but the whole time...I was laughing, even a couple of snorts came out. It was so much fun. We had people hiding in the walls with slits cut in the plastic. It was so dark in there, it was crazy. I took the pictures before the lights went out (obviously). We had black lights everywhere, a smoke machine going, a witch's pot glowing, a gorilla breaking out of chains and several masked madmen. Cosme started the night as the scarecrow and Eric was in the wall. Eric left to have food and fun at the festivities in the hall next door and his place was filled in the wall. During our break, Cosme gave Eric the scarecrow position and Cosme put on Eric's outfit and a mask and hid in the haunted house's graveyard. It was so much fun. I've been working so hard the past couple of days to help up at the church. I'm exhausted! Today I'll help take everything down but I can't stay long because I have to come home and get everyone ready for this weekend. WHEW! I'm tired. Well, I have one more shot from last night. It's of the three of us after the event. You can tell how hard Cosme and Eric had been working.

I realized after this picture that I need a new pose. Every picture is the same. Me on the end with my head tilted upward as if that will make me appear as tall as everybody else. It's just not happening.

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Kathy said...

You look cute! Maybe you should let your hair grow out and dye it black.