today is pretty

much an uneventful day, unless you want to count going to Walmart, Kroger and Target as eventful.  I did make a cheesecake and will make some alfredo sauce with chicken and pasta shortly.  I did some laundry this morning and will wash my hair later on.  I did get popcorn stuck in my teeth earlier and it wasn't a good feeling... at all.  And I just finished a ham sandwich.  Which is where my Imperfect365 challenge comes into play.  Here it is

Uneventful days can be a good thing... except for when you're participating in photo challenges.  I didn't even want to go outside to find something to take a picture of.  It's chilly.  I'm already wearing a flannel shirt and have a space heater going next to me.  (Yes, we have central heat but I stay colder than everybody else so in MY activity room there will be a space heater... for now.)

Anyway, in the middle of all my unevents, I'm still doing a little spring cleaning on my website.  I'm working on things and just trying to TCB.

So, it's hasta la vista for now while I try to get back into my spring cleaning mode (key word being "try").  And by the way, if tomorrow is just as uneventful as today, I'll try to jazz up my lunch plate a little.  

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