in recent years

I've noticed that I get more and more intolerant of BS.  I place blame as such: 1/4 getting older, 1/4 social media, 1/2 people.

I've heard people complain about getting meaner with age but is it a proven fact?  I don't know.  I don't think I'm really getting to be a mean person but I think so many years of being a pushover and putting up with everybody else's BS is finally catching up and I'm skimming the surface of my breaking point.  Enter social media.  I'm reminded of the little things that some people do that really annoy me.  I'll stop here.  I typed more but deleted it and decided to not sound so bitter.  I mean let's face it, some people can't help being selfish or inconsiderate or whatever a good word is for being a waste of my time and energy.

Did you see that?  Am I turning over a new leaf?  Probably not but right now I'm letting it go.

Eric's going up to College Station this weekend and he's taking his dog with him.  Now that our yard has cinder blocked exit holes scattered along our fence, I bought an electric fence.  I had our yard guy fill in holes with dirt after I lined the bottom of sections with some kind of rolls of wire fencing.  Leave it to Archer to dig another hole.  I'm done.  I don't care difficult it might be, the electric fence is being delivered today and I will probably be installing on Saturday.  Next up on the list: a collar to stop his barking.  But, until that fence is up and working, Archer will go with Eric.  Did anyone ever think Maggie would be the dog getting into less trouble?  I'm going to place blame again.  This time it's parvo.  If Archer hadn't been parvo stricken, he wouldn't have spent all that time inside and in the front yard.  Guess where he wants to be?  Inside and in the front yard.

Wow.  Anybody need blame placed today?  I'm on a roll.

I still don't have any pictures to share.  I've been too busy but I will share a couple in a few days.  I have a cousin who has a lot of medical bills and there is a benefit coming up to help raise money.  Anyway, I'm donating a framed print or two.  I'll post the matted and framed finished product once I have them.  I would have them finished but... I was going to donate one but then Michaels had frames, buy one get one free.  I went ahead and bought two and now I'm having to wait on that second print to arrive.  I'll stick with the theme for today and place blame on Michaels for not being more like Hobby Lobby and just selling their frames for a percentage off.

Now I'm off to the grocery store and I'm blaming Mom.  I'm making cookies for her and I need more butter.

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