i said i'd be

back with a photo or two to share... and here I am.  My second print didn't arrive Saturday, as USPS predicted, but I did pick up the first one from Michaels.  So, if you'd like to support a cousin of mine, who on top of needing help with medical bills for a surgery was also diagnosed with cancer, you can come out to his benefit in Damon, TX and bid on one of the auction items, my print included.

Here's the first one

I really like how the brown mat turned out and the orange one looked really good too.  But... even though I didn't go to Texas A&M, I lived there while my parents attended and my son is there right now visiting his girlfriend who is also attending and let's face it, where I grew up, the orange wasn't acceptable, ESPECIALLY on a framed print of those particular animals.  So, I know this print will only go to a purchaser of 1) a certain decor or 2) a loyal supporter of my cousin but either way, it's way classier for not having the orange mat.

Speaking of animals, we installed an electric fence this weekend.  It's not totally finished.  I still need to bury the wire at the gates but it's attached to our wooden fence around the yard and the circuit is complete.  Training began yesterday.  It's tricky because we only have one collar since the one I picked up from Home Depot either isn't compatible or simply a POS.  Cosme took the dogs around the yard yesterday on their leashes, taking turns with the special collar while I held the other one and kept it entertained.  It took one zap and Archer won't go near the fence, even without the collar.  I would say there's a light at the end of the tunnel of progress but I'd hate to jinx everything.

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