what can I

say?  I've been preoccupied.

But for right now the pool is good and we just got some swimming/floating time in, just in time for a front that's expected to hit tomorrow.  Maggie has her pool back.  Speaking of Maggie...

Saturday night, around 11:30, Archer was barking.  I sent Eric a text asking him to make it stop.  He let me know it wasn't going to stop because Maggie had a possum.  So Maggie caught a possum and apparently, as with most things, she wasn't about to share.  Archer wanted in on it so he was barking.  Here's where it gets a little interesting.  The possum wasn't dead, he was playing possum.  Long story short, I was sleepy and did what I always do when awaken by an animal... threatened to get rid of every pet we have.  By 12:30 Eric and his friend were outside with the dogs in their cage, trying to get the possum over the fence.  The possum decided to come to and ran up a tree.  At that point I didn't care because the dogs seemed to be over it.  I enjoyed the peace and quiet and got a good rest-of-the-night's sleep.  So the next morning I was in the backyard with Cosme and Maggie started barking... at the tree.  Then I saw it. 

That possum had stayed in the tree for the rest of the night.  At that point, Maggie was trying to jump up to get that thing.

 And if she couldn't reach it, she was determined to wait right there for it to come down.

Archer agreed, Maggie would do it.

Still waiting while Archer decided to see what the leaves were like.

I wasn't sure where the pellet gun was so Cosme did what he could to knock it out of the tree.  And just like that, Maggie scooped the possum up and was running around the yard with it.  I managed to run inside wearing flip flops with camera in hand and hopefully the neighbors were awake because I was screaming the whole way.

The pictures stop here because although it looks dead, the possum was alive... here, anyway.  Cosme eventually got it thrown over the fence and the dogs were locked up trying not to bust out to get it while I cleaned the blood off the back porch.  Then I started thinking how maybe it isn't so bad when the dogs bring dead grass snakes up to the back door.

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