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yesterday, I took a few pictures.  I've been preoccupied lately with this pool stuff going on.  OMG.  For about two weeks this pool was a total nightmare.  Seriously, our days have been revolving around this pool.  I know this started as a pool for the dogs and then turned into a "let's see if this is right for us" situation but last week I was ready to get rid of it.  IT WOULD NOT TURN BLUE.  We tried EVERYTHING.  We treated it for every possible thing and nothing worked.  It definitely wasn't algae.  The pool was clean, no slime and the readings of the water were right.  But something was messing up the water and we still don't know.  We finally gave up started over.  We're on the third day and I haven't made it out to test the water but I'm hopeful.

Here's how it looked last week

I promise.  There was no algae, as swampy as it looks.  On Tuesday I treated it for metals.  At first it seemed lighter on Wednesday but then I checked again.  We also upgraded the filter.

So, now with an upgraded filter and a fresh start, I'm hoping this works out better.  Also, all this has made us rethink an in-ground pool versus our plan of sinking an above-ground down a couple of feet.  We're still undecided.  (No surprise there, we're dealing with me after all...)

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday.  Yes, it's dog pictures but sometimes I just can't help myself, especially when Maggie gets in the pool. 

Usually Maggie climbs up and jumps in from the side but yesterday she followed Eric up the ladder and jumped in.  Now if she would just keep doing that, it would be perfect.

I love watching her swim.  It's cute and she loves it.  When I took her for her shots a couple of weeks ago, everyone asked if she just got a bath.  I let them know that no, she had just gone swimming.  The vet thought it was great and would help her muscles.  That scares me a little.  She is already ONE STRONG DOG.

When we first discovered her climbing in the side of the pool (notice the paw prints on the side in this next picture) I knew I immediately needed to get her to use the ladder.  Ever since then she's at least been using the ladder to get out.

Archer, on the other hand, hates the water.   He doesn't know how to use the ladder but it doesn't matter.  The lifeguard queen is perched atop her throne.

 If he's going to be in the pool, he prefers to be in someone's arms or on a float.  And if he is in someone's arms, he usually has his head on their shoulders as if it's a plea to please get him out.

When they do get out, it's business as usual, galloping and wrestling.

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