my sweet tooth

came calling last night.  I ended up with these cream horns.

 Well, I have 6 horn molds and 6 cannoli molds so technically, they're not all horns.

I really like the way that works out.  I actually leave a gap on the cannoli molds, with dough wrapped at both ends.  So instead of the one huge tubed cream "horn" like I'd buy at the grocery store... if I was willing to make things simpler, I get a bunch of bite-sized cream "horns".  (Or two-bite sized if you're like me)

It's a win-win situation.  Now I need to take my pig-in-the-blankets out of the oven.  I can't decide with the theme for this post should be:

- How many ways can I create a doughy cylinder and fill it with goodness?
- How many times can I use and abuse hyphens in one post?

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