i keep posting

pictures but I guess I should let you know we were in Segovia so Cosme and Eric could hunt with Dad.  There was a lot of this during the day... 
driving back and forth between the hotel and the property's trailer.  Hey!  Eric better keep those eyes on the road!  I guess you can call it a road.  It's more of a gravel path.  Still, have no fear because this isn't his first rodeo.  I think this is probably easier to drive than the massive Jeep he's taken on this route in the past.
The mornings and afternoons were the same with them getting ready and me hanging out in the hotel room.  I did learn how to play hearts on the computer.  woohoo.
This is the walkway at the hotel.
You can see the rv from the hotel room.  
I'll post a few scenic shots tomorrow.

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