okay, so yesterday

Dad made a comment on how I don't post regularly. I'm not big on venturing out alone with my camera so a lot of times I just don't have anything to show. Today I'm going to back that up. Today's theme is "Melanie's stuck at the house so she's just going to show you what's going on". I'll start with why I'm waiting on the cable guy this morning...a new tv. Doesn't it fit perfectly?The cable guy's coming because some of the channels aren't the best quality.

I'm sure you don't want to see the eggs I forgot about but I'm keeping with my theme here. I love hard boiled eggs. The strange thing is I can never remember how to make them. I know it involves 10 minutes but I can never remember the exact procedure. Grandma would always get a phone call, "Grandma, how do I boil an egg again?" - sad, huh?They don't look bad for forgotten eggs, do they?

I wouldn't say I have OCD, but there are a few things that really don't rest well with me. I iron Cosme's workshirts before hanging them. I like to hang them in order of color, starting with black and ending with brown. (I base that on what he has, not the color wheel. Oh and fyi, white falls between gray and light blue.) Anyway, I like for this order to be kept. See?So, when Cosme puts on one shirt but changes his mind about it, we end up with this.I'm trying to deal with it. Sometimes I'll take it down to redo it. Lately I've just been undoing the fold. It's something I'm working on but to know it's hanging there like that bothers me. I thought of that because I spent the majority of yesterday doing laundry.

Other than that stuff, not much else is going on. Just ask Strat.Oh, I'm sorry, he's busy holding the piano down. Let's try Lucille.Sorry Lucille, I didn't mean for you to have to open your eyes.

Hopefully the cable guy will get here soon. I don't think I can handle all this excitement.

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