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Halloween. That was the last time I messed around with Eric's long hair. He finally got what he's been talking about. A haircut. If we can just have a brief moment of silence for all the inches he lost yesterday. [Insert moment here.] Brittany is down for the weekend, he's in a quinceanera today and decided there is no time like the present. So just like that, the hair is gone. I'm still trying to get used to it.
Is it my imagination or is Brittany having too much fun?

Look at how much he got rid of.

Almost finished.

Here he is this morning. Flat-ironed, styled and ready for the quinceanera. I don't hate it, I'm just not used to it. For the record, it's up to him to get it ready for school. If he can't take the time to fix it like below, he can wear it like the picture above.

For the record, it was a hit at the football game last night.

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Kathy said...

I really like it!!!!!