welcome to my

cathouse. Seriously people. A year ago I would never have considered a cat. I've always hated cats. So what happened? Your guess is as good as mine.

Strat is the indoor cat. He's not demanding. He likes to be scratched occasionally and prefers to be left alone. I learned he also likes to sneak into the dryer when I accidentally leave the door open.
Oh, he also likes to take naps.

Lucille is the outdoor cat. I almost sent her packing when I found her "mess" in the flower bed. I decided to give her another shot and put a litter box in the garage for her. So far, so good. I caught her trying to earn her keep.

Since the heat and mosquitos have been pretty bad, I've been letting Lucille in. Oh, let's face it. She's been inside for about a week now. (She WILL go back out once everything lets up.) Anyway, she's not like Strat. She's very affectionate. If we sit, she jumps up in our laps and "makes biscuits" as Lauren calls it. Here's a shot I got of Lucille yesterday. Yeah, I wouldn't exactly call this an action shot.

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