today i'll post

some pictures from New Haven. We had a great time on our trip. We spent the first two nights in New Haven. We went walking through the area to find dinner.

We found this place called Basta. The food was wonderful. They had a lot of vegetarian dishes and went on about their organic ingredients. Cosme had a chicken dish and I had this steak with gorgonzola and red peppers. MMM... It was so good I HAD to get a picture of it (so I can try to copy).
All the buildings in that area are so pretty. I didn't get many pictures. I actually didn't take many pictures all week. It's just one of those things where you have to see it in person to enjoy it. We walked around a lot but wanted to get to bed early to catch the train to New York early the next morning. Here's a view from our hotel room.

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