That describes today. Simple enough. I'm ready to go to bed and start over again tomorrow. Since 2:00 I've baked two cakes. The first ended up in the garbage and the second might as well be. I'm so tired, I stacked the second cake wrong. Whatever.

We went to Houston today to drop Eric's amp off at the shop. I stopped at McDonalds. After ordering, I pulled to the front window and asked the woman to repeat the order. I corrected her and she told me to hang on. She took an order on her little headset and I pulled money out of my purse. I sat there and she blurted out, "I'm waitin' on you"... Excuse me...what? I couldn't say anything. I was shocked. Actually, my jaw dropped and I turned to look at Eric and his friend (whose jaws had also dropped). I couldn't help but laugh. No, it wasn't funny, I was furious. I had to laugh because I couldn't believe someone could be that uncouth. That's the only word I can think of. I called the Mc-main office in Illinois to tell on her. I almost called to complain to the establishment but then I didn't want her to know she got to me. Yeah, she'll eventually know she made somebody mad, but by then I'll be over it.

I need to make dinner now. I wonder how bad I can mess it up?

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